Hello there (^_^)
Welcome to my website, I hope you're enjoying it so far :)
I suppose you'd like to know a little about me?

Well, let's see, I love art! I spend most of my time drawing or painting :)
I like trying different art styles and materials, that said, I just can't seem to do "modern art", it always turns out too realistic (^_<)
I like cute and fluffy things that make me smile :3
I'm very nerdy when it comes to mythology and legends and I possibly have as much fun researching my paintings as I do actually painting them! *haha*
(Truthfully, I'm a little nerdy all the time)
I enjoy dancing, the dorkier the dance the better :D
I love nature, and the little woodland critters (the big ones too) that live all around me :)
I play music a little too, woodwind and guitar, but I'm not very good . . . oh, and ukulele, I'm a little better at that :D

Thank you for visiting :)
Set Chibi